The Comedic Factor

Indulge and Embrace the Ambiance of What I Think is Hilarious!

About The Comedic Factor

The Comedic Factor is a Blog that showcases  and highlights all things that make me laugh on the internet and  any media outlet for that matter. I enjoy laughing and I find lots of things funny, so I wanted to share my joy for laughing with the rest of the world.

This is how The Comedic Factor works lol. I find something funny.  I post it. You watch it and or read it and rate it.

Rating goes as follows:

1) If you find what I post to be super duper idiotically funny, then you: “Mucks with it!”

2) If you find what I post to be super duper funny, then the post gets: “4 Mucks!”

3) If you find what I post to be super funny, then the post gets: “3 Mucks!

3) If you find what I post to be “blaahh”  just a little funny, then the post gets: “2 Mucks!

4) Last, but not least. If you find what I post to not be funny whatsoever at all, then the post gets: “I don’t Mucks with it!

You feel me?! I know you are probably asking…”What does Muck mean?” Don’t worry about it lol. Just rate the posts.


2 comments on “About The Comedic Factor

  1. Liz
    April 5, 2013

    you’re cracking me up with the mucks. Appreciate that you ambled over to Blog of Funny Names for foodforfun’s Gesine B-P post. Am humbled by the Like (didn’t think to ask for Mucks) especially now that I know you’re Funny 😉 Glad if you stopped by and glad if you enjoyed.

  2. kreativefortune08
    April 9, 2013

    @Liz – Thank you for liking my “Mucks! and thinking that I am funny. I definitely appreciate the love. I really enjoy reading your posts and I think they are hilarious. You are always welcome and let me know if there is something you want to to write about that you think is funny and I will. :-).

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